What To Do If You Could Not Clear Your ACCA Exams?

ACCA Institute released its results on 17th January 2022. There are mixed emotions now among all the students who appeared. The passing percentage remained well. Some students could clear the exams and some couldn't.

Firstly, congratulations to everyone who cleared their exams. Students who could not make it, don't get disheartened. We know it can be tough to accept failure, but ultimately what's true should be accepted.

In this blog, we will discuss what should be your next steps of action if you couldn't clear ACCA December 2021 exams.

First Attempt Students

So many students would have given their exams for the first time and now they have faced this failure also for the first time. This might be hitting really hard and they might feel directionless. That's fine. Take time. This is life and there is a long way to go.

What's important for them is to not lose hope get back on their feet and start studying again with full dedication. It's understandable that it's a professional course and therefore it would have been quite difficult to get that study approach

This time make sure to correct all the mistakes that you committed and clear them in the next attempt.

Given Multiple Attempts

There will be students who have appeared more than two or three times and yet are unable to make it. They seriously need to introspect.

Ask yourself if you belong here or not and are you happy doing this or not?

If you feel that you belong here and this is what you want to do then where's the problem. Make a list of all your mistakes and start aggressively working on them. Your target should be to clear it in the next attempt.

What To Do Now?

You will ask that it's okay that I couldn't make it, but what is the road map now?

Don't worry we will try our best to guide you, keep reading ahead.

Vent It Out

Yes, you read it right. The first step should be to vent out those emotions that you are feeling. Don't trust people who are saying that don't cry. In fact, Cry Aloud. Just make sure to cry that much that you never cry again.

Make sure to remove that baggage of failure from your head. You don't have to keep feeling guilty. You are a human, you made a mistake and that's completely fine. Don't compare yourself with anyone else.

Set Your Priorities

Now when you are out of that guilt, the first thing you should do is to be sure of your priorities. At this moment nothing is more important than your studies. Plan it right now and then stick to that plan with minor modifications.

Always remember that it's not easy to make it big in your life with some sacrifices. If at this moment you are able to sacrifice some casual events then that might give a booster to your career. Be mindful!

Study For Dedicated Number Of Hours

You might also be working along with your studies, so plan your studies accordingly. Even if you are able to take out 3-4 hours of your day for your studies that's more than enough.

But make sure you are utilising those hours well for the right thing.

Give Computer-Based Mocks

Now the biggest mistake that any ACCA student commits is to practice on paper. If you have to give your exams on a PC then how can you practice on a sheet of paper? Get accustomed to the technology you will be using in your exams and practice on it only.

Follow One Mentor

Don't go on YouTube and seek help from everyone. Follow and seek help for just that one mentor who you feel is reliable. Following multiple people will only confuse you

Theory Is Important

Students often don't pay as much attention to the theory subjects as they do to the practical subjects. This mindset is incorrect. Even the thought process that it's just a theory subject is wrong. You can never consider Auditing as a theory subject, you need to study it as per the practicality involved.

Must Do ACCA Practice Kit

ACCA Institute themselves have multiple kits uploaded on their website which students can use to practice and revise their content. But students often don't even use that. Make sure you are not one of them.

Knowledge of Excel and Good Typing Speed

As you need to solve various questions on Excel and give your exam on a laptop/ PC, it becomes a prerequisite for you to study as per the requirements.

If you don't know how to use excel and how to maintain that typing speed then how will you finish your full paper? You will make mistakes which are not even required.


It's completely fine if you couldn't clear this time just make sure to not convert it into a habit and get used to that comfort zone.

You are here for a purpose and never ever forget that.

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