Last Month Study Plan For Acca March 2022 Exams

About ACCA

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. ACCA is a professional degree which originated in the UK in the year 1904. That means it's 115+ years old.

There are 500000+ students across the world currently pursuing the degree as it is globally recognized. ACCA Members have signing authority in 50+ countries and this degree is recognized in 180+ nations. This shows the acceptance of ACCA.

About ACCA Exams

ACCA Institute is really flexible in conducting the exams. Exams are conducted four times in a year. The March 2022 exam session will be the first of the four exam sessions to be conducted in the year.

As it's already February, only a month is left for the ACCA exams to start.

An Effective Preparation Strategy

At this moment it's crucial for every student appearing in the exams to be really focused and study with the right approach.

But what's the right approach?

Yes, so we are going to discuss this in this article

Have An Intact Plan

For an effective execution, it's important to have a great plan. Students are often confused about the plan which they make.

As the first step, dedicate a good amount of time in making a structured plan which will cover everything. With everything we mean Mocks, Study Kits, Multiple revisions etc.

Stick To Your Plan

It's not only important to have a good plan but it's more important to execute it in a better fashion. Try to achieve your daily targets and even outperform them. But also don't lose your hope when you are unable to meet your targets on some days.

Double The Hours You Think You Require

Suppose you have taken classes for a particular subject and you require 50 hours to cover it then you should allot 50 extra hours to that subject where you should make notes, practice study kits etc for a better grip over the subject.

Trust us, this will boost your preparation for manifolds.

Chapter Wise Revision

At this time when only a month is left in your hand, you should focus on doing chapter wise revisions and not on leaving any chapter. You still have that time where you can complete one subject easily if you study properly.

Dedicate Time For Weekly Revisions

If you don't revise what you have studied in a week then you won't remember that till the exam day. So to keep a track of your studies, you should dedicate a fixed amount of time for weekly revision on the weekends.

Don't Skip ACCA Website

ACCA Institute has uploaded so many resources on their website which will help you improve your preparation. Don't skip that. You might have the same or similar questions in the exams.

Have A Quick Revision

Your preparation should be that strong that you are able to revise the full syllabus in a day. Towards the end you should have that level of grip on a subject.


We wish you the best of luck for your preparation and for your exams. Just trust yourself and your preparation and you will ace it. Be confident!

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