How many times do we take the blame for our own failures in life?

This is a human instinct that we don't want to be blamed. No one is asking you to take all the blame on yourself if the mistake was not yours

But if it was, then how can you blame anyone else?

We realise that the mistake was ours only after proper INTROSPECTION.

After each failure, it's important for you to SIT WITH YOURSELF and ask yourself why you are failing?

Make NOTES of those points and then you will have the clarity. 

If you were not able to clear your ACCA exams then who are you blaming?

Is it your teachers, your Institute or your circumstances?

Sit with yourself that will be the best thing to do. I know it's hard to take blame, but think it as a responsibility and not as a blame.

Make sure to not repeat it in the next attempt and ACE your exams.

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