How Jagrit Took the Decision of Pursuing ACCA After the Cancellation of His 12th Board Exams?

Time from 2020 to 2021 was challenging for 12th board students. Schools were closed, and there was so much uncertainty about board exams.

Postponement and cancellation of board exams disrupted the students. In this unprecedented time, Jagrit decided to pursue ACCA.

His ACCA journey started in June 2021 when his board exams got cancelled. As he was free, he started searching for some courses to utilise his time productively, and the ACCA course drove his attention.

There were two reasons why he chose ACCA:

  1. First was the Global recognition that ACCA has as he wanted to go abroad, and ACCA seems to be a good opportunity for this.
  2. The second reason was the flexibility ACCA has. He realised he could easily manage his college with ACCA course.

He took ACCA Knowledge Level classes from Learn91 and scored 89 marks in Financial Accounting, 81 in Management Accounting, and 77 in Business Technology.

Jagrit wants to recommend the ACCA course to all who wish to get a professional degree as he is thrilled with his decision.

If you’re looking for guidance in ACCA preparation then checkout LEARN91.

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