ACCA with Regular College

ACCA is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accounting qualification (ACCA). ACCA has a wide scope in India as well as abroad. ACCA has more than 7,600 Approved Employers worldwide, who provide employee development.

ACCA needs understanding, dedication, and hard work. ACCA being a professional course, many students get confused whether to go for regular college or not. They plan for Correspondence or distance learning.

It is commonly seen that students lack guidance & tend to take wrong decision under the influence of friends & family and then they regret their decision.

Opting for regular college or correspondence college with ACCA is a major career decision.

One should check all the pros and cons of opting or leaving regular college before reaching any conclusion.

Should you leave college while pursuing ACCA?

Here, are some of the points which would help you in deciding whether to continue regular college or not:

1. Decide whether college is good or not

Now, your question will be “How to decide whether the college is good or not” or “What parameters should be considered”.

So, there are 3 major parameters-

  1. Alumni
  2. Placements
  3. Brand Recognition

Also, try to connect with the alumni of the college to get the correct & true information regarding the college. Check where the students are placed, what they are doing etc. Try to connect with the maximum number of pass outs of the same course.

Lastly, go through the placement report of the college for the past few years.

Advantages of Regular College

Regular Colleges have plenty of advantages which one should consider. Have you ever thought why many students go for regular college despite being enrolled in other courses? So, let’s see what are the advantages of regular college:

1. Personality Development

Regular college helps you develop your overall personality. In college, you will get abundant opportunities to interact with different people.

You also get a chance to participate in various events, fests, competitions which will help in your personality development.

The regular college also helps in improving your presentation skills & communication skills.

2. Society Exposure

In regular college, many kinds of societies are available through which you will get a chance to make connections with people having mutual interests.

These societies organise various events and participation in these college societies help you in developing leadership & management skills.

3. Network

In a regular college, you get an opportunity to meet & network with people having different career ambitions. You might meet people with ambitions such as MBA, UPSC, Law, etc. which widens your knowledge.

Always remember “Your Network Is Your Networth”. Networking can help you a lot in reaching new heights in your career and college is the best place for networking.

4. Add on Skills

Being in a regular college is anyhow going to equip you with additional skills to showcase in your portfolio. 

Almost every day you will be working on Google tools like Google Sheets or Google Docs which will help you polish your excel and writing skills.

Both these skills are highly valued in the corporate setup. Even college societies conduct several workshops for their members to equip them with the in demand skills.

5. Opportunities

A good college brings ample opportunities with itself. Not very late in your college life you will realise that you are learning something new each day and networking alongside.

All these networking and skill-building helps students land their dream jobs in their dream companies.

Regular College has so many advantages but still, students tend to leave college. Why is it so?

I know, you must be thinking the same.

And the only reason is going with words of friends or family members/relatives who never saw regular college or got into a good regular college. They start guiding their juniors without having knowledge.

Only thing they do is Misguide by giving their lame reasons like:

  • Time waste hota hai
  • Travel bht karna padega
  • Events attend karne padege jiska koi use nh hai
  • & what not

Also, it is seen too many times teachers are only misguiding the students so that they can sell their classes as early as possible. Don’t fall into TRAP.

How to manage ACCA with Regular College?

ACCA is one of the most flexible qualifications. It becomes easier to manage both- ACCA & Regular College together.

You can appear for the following Knowledge Level Exams whenever you’re prepared-

  1. Business and Technology
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Financial Accounting

These are ON-DEMAND exams.

Then, Applied Skills Level exams-

4. Corporate and Business Law (This is also an ON-DEMAND exam)
5. Performance Management
6. Taxation
7. Financial Reporting
8. Audit and Assurance
9. Financial Management

& Strategic Professional Exams-


10. Strategic Business Leader
11. Strategic Business Reporting

Options (Any 2)

12. Advanced Financial Management
13. Advanced Performance Management
14. Advanced Taxation
15. Advanced Audit and Assurance

These exams can be given 1 by 1 without any pressure.

Applied Skills Level & Strategic Professional Level exams happen 4 times in an year which are as follows-

  1. March
  2. June
  3. September
  4. November

So, you can easily manage both ACCA and Regular College.


Now it’s your choice whether to opt for regular college or correspondence. It should be a well-researched decision.

Take this decision after talking to people who themselves have the experience. Also, consider all the above-mentioned points.

Note: This was a personal opinion and suggestion after a proper analysis with an intention to help. Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions in the comment box.

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Vrinda Chugh

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